How a Giant Pizza Brought Out the Creative Side of a Determined Father

     Imagine a pizza so huge that it wouldn’t fit through your average sized door. Imagine a pizza so wide that it can’t fit in most cars. How would you take home a pizza as large as 54 inches by 54 inches? How would you even fit it through the door? 

     First of all, let us tell you a little about this glorious invention called the Giant Sicilian created by Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in Southern California. The Giant Sicilian is a 54” by 54” pizza with 200 square slices which serves 50-70 people. This gigantic, beautiful and definitely delicious pizza has set a Guinness World Record for the Largest Deliverable Pizza in the world! Who wouldn’t want to take this home and have a bite?! 

    Mario and his family were determined to find a way to get this beauty home and enjoy its greatness! A pizza the size of a small child isn’t so easy to get home unless you have a creative edge to you, just like Mario did. While we do have a smart car specially equipped to deliver a pizza so huge, unfortunately Mario was too far out of our delivery area. Mario didn’t let this stop him, he decided to get creative.  

    Mario went ahead and created his own gadget for his car specially designed to safely carry the Giant Sicilian from a Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria location all the way to his house. Is that some pizza passion or what??